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Sunday, 4 March 2012


When we lived in T.O. I used to go to this organization called CHIRS. I was excited when a clay class was finally added to the roster of activities. Soon after the end of the class my husband and I left Toronto and moved to Hamilton. If you know about the process of making things in clay you know that they need to dry completely and go through 2 firings in the kiln. You also know that a lot can happen at the glazing stage. Since you're never really sure what colour you're going to get it's best to be as much a part of the process as possible.

Well, I couldn't be, because I left town! The facilitator emailed me pics of the glazes and I made my choices. Now, I've had a kiln blow out the colour of my pieces before and I think that's what happened here:

The pic of the test tile that was e'd to me was bright green. I figured at the time that maybe it was bright green because of my monitor settings but that I would choose it, anyway.

Here's a closeup:

We saw a lot of salmon when we lived in Seattle and I became fascinated with them, especially their hooked mouths.

The only person I blame for this glaze result is myself. I originally thought about just getting my bisque ware and glazing it at a later date but I was in too much of a hurry to get my fish sculpture back!

I also don't like the way that one fin looks, the one at the front on the bottom of the salmon. It looks more like a flipper from a sea turtle. Wrong species!! I'll know for next time. They're all learning experiences, right?

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