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Sunday, 4 March 2012

French Knitting

That cardigan you see below got completely ripped back (the pieces did, I mean). At first I thought it might be cool to design a dog sweater, a very basic dog sweater. Then I happened to be speaking to my friend IM. She's originally from France and she told me it was really cold in France right now and she would love some handknit hats for her family. And she would pay for them too!

Every knitter's dream, to be paid for knitting! So I immediately switched gears and started making a hat with some of the Tanis Fibre Arts yarn in  the "Stormy" colourway from the abandoned cardigan.  I've only gotten a few rows done so I won't post any pics right now. I decided to make the hats in the rib stitch since I don't know the sizes of the recipient's heads :-)

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