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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I've decided to sell some of the pottery that I made in school while living in Seattle. Here are the pictures I've taken of the first few pieces I want to sell:

Squiggle Bowl (the figure eights are pieces of clay fused inside the bowl).

Bud Vase glazed in Frosted Blue with black velour underglaze

Small bowl with Swirl. This is glazed with Cola Green glaze and covered with Sunset Pink glaze.

The outside of the bowl. Cool, huh?

Small bowl with question marks inside. One of my favourite punctuation marks!

Small blue bowl. I think it's glazed with Medium Blue underglaze then covered in clear glaze

These marks were made at the trimming stage. I don't think it was completely centred on the wheel and so the trimming tool jumped and bumped along the surface.
Another small bowl; this one glazed Glacier Blue on the inside and matte black on the outside.
As you can see, all of these pieces are smallish (some have quarters in the pic to show you the scale).