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Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Did you know that a "druk" is simply a round bead? One of the most common bead shapes there *is*. By the way, "druk" rhymes with "truck". I read this on my local bead supplier's website. Bead FX is in Toronto  and they must be new there because they're in the East End. *I* used to live in the East End (briefly) but never knew of them.

Even though I'm in Hamilton now I order most of my beads from Bead FX. Hamilton has a paucity of bead stores!

Anyway, I had recently asked my Mother-in-Law if she could get me some "mature pea-sized turquiose beads". Now that I know better, I can say "druks" next time. I hope, however, that "next time" I'll be there in person! The annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show attracts thousands from all over the world and you can't find a vacant hotel room if you tried! That's why I'm so grateful to have family living there and who I can stay with.

She got me the beads and I got to work. It took me about 2 months on and off but I finally finished it tonight:

 I got the cool, Petroglyph shank button at a favourite Tucson store called Fabrics That Go....not Fabrics TO go like I thought but Fabrics THAT Go. Someday I'll ask the people that work in the store to explain the name....

By the way, this is one long bracelet that wraps around the wrist three times and is, as far as I know, vegan! That black cord is waxed (with paraffin) cotton and I wax the sewing thread with synthetic wax. I can't vouch for the drops of nail polish I use on the knots, though......

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