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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Various Things

I recently completed a one-week intensive jewellery-making course through the Toronto District School Board. I mainly worked on two pieces and a third was started in the last two hours of the last it isn't finished yet. I still want to post it here because I'm kind of proud of the fact that I was patient enough to complete the sawing! Here it is:

This is my Arizona piece. It's two pieces hanging together on a jump ring. A little rough around the edges but still in progress:

This piece is sterling silver and the gemstone is an Australian Opal cabachon that I bought at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show a few years ago. Yes, there is still some fire scale on this piece and the jump ring is not soldered closed but I'm still in the process of completing this one as well. But Hey! I used an open-flame torch! All by myself! I gotta say I'm pleased with that fact!

Here are a bunch of resin magnets:

A fused glass magnet:

A pencil cup, one of my favourite things to make on the pottery wheel:

These next two I think of as "companion pieces" because they're both glazed with Aqua Gemstone matte glaze:

My sister made a print of this drawing she did and I used it to make a decal to adorn a pencil cup for her:

This is a vertically-striped scarf in a chenille yarn. Vertical stripes take some planning to do!

I call this a "bubble bowl":

This is a present I gave to my sister-in-law who lives in Tucson, AZ. The text says "Long Live Rocks" and is filled with ceramic rocks made from putting two pinch pots together. One of the rocks is actually a rattle:

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